Recording Requirements

General Requirements

A filed document is retained by the Clerk’s office. A recorded document is returned by mail within several days. Make sure your name and address are on the document(s) and accompanying letter of transmittal to ensure return of your recorded document(s). Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your original document(s) — NOTE: return envelopes should be the same size as the envelope used to send the documents.

All documents sent in for recording must include the county’s Recording Cover Sheet; if the cover sheet is not included, a $20 indexing fee will be assessed. Submitted documents must be legible and written in English, or they will be returned unrecorded. Click here for a list of common errors that result in a document’s being rejected. (pdf)

Informal acknowledgement of the recorded transaction can be furnished free of charge, providing that a copy of the document is enclosed along with a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope.

All names must be typed or printed beneath all signatures.

General Recommendations

  • Include legible name & phone number of person to contact for problems.
  • Leave adequate space on first page for recording label.
  • Do not use highlighter other than yellow.


All fees under New Jersey Law are payable in advance of filing or recording. Recording fees may be drawn from regular checking accounts, but Realty Transfer Fees must be drawn on Attorney Trust accounts. Make checks payable to: Jeff Parrott, County Clerk.

If you are unsure of the exact fee that you will be charged for your recording, send a check in blank, limited to a higher stated amount (e.g., Not more than $40.00).

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Common Mistakes Made

  • Acknowledgements incorrect or not complete.
  • Legal descriptions and/or exhibits are not attached.
  • Names not typed or printed below signatures.
  • Incorrect fees.
  • Copies submitted for recording instead of originals.
  • Mailing addresses used as property descriptions instead of block & lot and tax map reference.
  • ‘Prepared By’ signature and name not on first page of deed.
  • More people signing an instrument than are stated on the front of instrument or in acknowledgement without an explanation.
  • Deeds being sent with a realty tax amount showing an exemption but without an affidavit.
  • Affidavits incomplete not signed or notarized.
  • Book & page numbers or instrument numbers missing or incorrect.
  • Grantee’s address missing.